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Has the removal of God from our society made us more immoral?

Does the structure of government programs (like Welfare) encourage abuse?

Should African Americans receive reparations for slavery?

Adeline vehemently opposed reparations.  Mirna vehemently supported it.  What else is new?  :-)

Affirmations and Meditations: Effective or Just Hocus Pocus?

Since The Secret came out a few years ago, everyone seems to think that  simply meditating and saying a few affirmations will make profound changes in your life, with little or no effort.  Is this true or just hocus pocus?  Our guest, Life Coach Diane Ingram, joined us and had so many interesting thing to say.  Hear our discussion and decide for yourself.

Are DWI Penalties Too Harsh? Or Too Lenient?

In this episode we discussed whether the Driving While Intoxicated laws in New York are too harsh or too lenient.

Mirna argued that society has an interest in making sure that our laws do not get too draconian.  The punishment must fit the crime and depriving someone of their license for up to a year and fining them thousands of dollars is too a punishment.  The standard is "innocent until proven guilty"; yet the DWI laws presume guilt and one has to show their innocence, which is often impossible to prove.

Does the Media Manipulate Cultural Perceptions of Beauty?

Interesting question:  does the media manipulate the cultural perceptions of beauty?

Why are the models in magazines and ads thin -- and more often than not -- white?

Why are the female objects of desire in cartoons anthropomorphized to appear blond and blue-eyed (Lady in "Lady and the Tramp", anyone?)

Why are the children in Black shows often bi-racial?

Why do almost all of the Black female celebrities wear wigs and weaves?

Are children of color being brainwashed toward self-hatred through television programming and advertising?


The topic for ourthird showwas Immigration.  Specifically, what it is that undocumented ("illegal") immigrants contribute to our society and what do they detract?  Our guest was Dr. Andrés Torres, Professor of Latin American and Puerto Rican Studies.

Dr. Torres feels very strongly that undocumented immigrants should not be vilified and/or "shipped" back to their home countries.  Rather, a citizenship/residency path should be created for them so that they can be productive members of society.

Lightning Round: Why can Black People Call Themselves the "N" Word, but Other People Can't?

Our lightning round debate for show 2 is a divisive topic:  why is it that Black people can call themselves the "N" word, but other people can't?

What do you guys say?

Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

Prostitutionhas been at the forefront of the news cycle for quite some time now - from Elliot Spitzer being taken down by his call-girl scandal, to the Secret Service prostitution debacle in Colombia.  Everyone has an opinion on it, so -- of course -- it was a perfect topic to debate on The Opinion.  
Our guest was Dr. Edward Grippe, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Norwalk Community College.
Check out the show at the link below and tell us what you think.

Affirmative Action

Hello fellow Opiners.  

The Opinion Talk Show is up and running.  The topic for the first show was Affirmative Action.  We had a very lively discussion with our guest panelist, civil rights attorney Lee Nuwesra.  Check out the show here:

Please leave us your thoughts, comments and OPINIONS on this very important subject.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Mirna and Adeline
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