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BronxNet has nominated The Opinion for an award
Mirna in Latina Magazine
Latino Diversity - Mirna's feature on NBC News
New Shows
Welcome to Marco Caviglia


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BronxNet has nominated The Opinion for an award

Congrats to The Opinion for its nomination for an award at the 2014 BronxNet BETA awards!

Mirna in Latina Magazine

Mirna's Feature in Latina Magazine

Mirna has been very busy!  Here she is in Latina Magazine.

Latino Diversity - Mirna's feature on NBC News

Latino Life: Are We Tolerant Of Our Own Hispanic Diversity?

Our Mirna was featured on NBC discussing Hispanic diversity and her experiences as an Afro-Latina.

New Shows

Check out our new shows:

Has the removal of God from our society made us more immoral?

Does the structure of government programs (like Welfare) encourage abuse?

Welcome to Marco Caviglia

Changes at the Opinion

The Opinion is new and improved!  Attorney Marco Caviglia has joined us as a rotating co-host.  Marco is a frequent and popular guest and we look forward to having him join us on the panel.

Thank you to Ayana Card at Kinky Rootz Natural Hair Salon

Many thanks to Ayana Card at Kinky Hair Natural Hair Salon in Poughkeepsie, NY, for being Mirna's hair stylist and sponsor.

Mirna's hair has never looked better!

Should African Americans receive reparations for slavery?

Adeline vehemently opposed reparations.  Mirna vehemently supported it.  What else is new?  :-)

Behind the Scenes of The Opinion

Fine-tuning the sticky points.
Fine-tuning the sticky points.
Doing a run through.
Doing a run through.
Making The Opinion is a lot of fun.  But also a lot of work.  Take a look at some of what goes on behind the scenes.

Affirmations and Meditations: Effective or Just Hocus Pocus?

Since The Secret came out a few years ago, everyone seems to think that  simply meditating and saying a few affirmations will make profound changes in your life, with little or no effort.  Is this true or just hocus pocus?  Our guest, Life Coach Diane Ingram, joined us and had so many interesting thing to say.  Hear our discussion and decide for yourself.

Are DWI Penalties Too Harsh? Or Too Lenient?

In this episode we discussed whether the Driving While Intoxicated laws in New York are too harsh or too lenient.

Mirna argued that society has an interest in making sure that our laws do not get too draconian.  The punishment must fit the crime and depriving someone of their license for up to a year and fining them thousands of dollars is too a punishment.  The standard is "innocent until proven guilty"; yet the DWI laws presume guilt and one has to show their innocence, which is often impossible to prove.
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